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8 Free Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes!

Clipped from: http://windows7themes.net/8-free-windows-7-rainmeter-themes.html

So, you want some more themes for Windows 7′s Rainmeter? If the Windows Phone 7 Theme is not good enough for your desktop, you might want to try out the following 8 awesome Rainmeter themes!
Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 2
Dark Rainmeter Theme
If you’re a fan of dark Windows 7 themes, you’ll like this Rainmeter theme:
Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 1
Arachnid in Black by r3ginald
Default Rainmeter Theme: Engima
The Enigma Rainmeter Theme is so popular that it is now the default theme of Rainmeter.
Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 3
Enigma Rainmeter Theme by Kaelri
Futuristic Rainmeter Theme
If you like futuristic interface, grab the MeteorGlimpse theme for Rainmeter:
Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 5
Meteor Glimps Rainmeter Theme by FrenchinAlps
Monochrome Rainmeter Theme
Monochrome is hot. If you’re a fan of white/black themes, try this one!
Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 6
Monochromatic Redux by Varelse42
PILEUS Suite for Rainmeter
One of the more complex Windows 7 Rainmeter themes is PILEUS Suite that is one of my personal favorites:
Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 7
PILEUS Suite by livinglightningrod

Gadget Themes for Rainmeter

The following themes provide special gadget skins and not complete Rainmeter themes:
VAtch Rainmeter Theme
You want a special watch for your desktop? The VAtch Rainmeter theme will give you more than that:
Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 8
VAtch for Rainmeter by GeorgeHarrison
Weather Gadget Rainmeter Theme
The next WindowBlinds theme features the HUDS/weather Rainmeter:
Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 2
Come to me, my pretty… Rainmeter Theme by karmat111
System Monitoring Theme for Rainmeter
A new system monitoring skin for Rainmeter:
Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 4
JSMeterII Rainmeter Theme by jsmorley
More Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes
We’ll be posting the latest and best Windows 7 Rainmeter themes on our site, so stay tuned for more! If you created a Rainmeter theme yourself, let us know and we’ll post it here!
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